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Will Elwell
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Elwell Construction is a small timber frame company located in Ashfield, Massachusetts. Will Elwell is the owner and lead carpenter. Over the past 30 years, Will has worked in all aspects of the construction and woodworking business. Timber framing has become his passion and love. In 1995 he was sighted by Yankee Magazine as “ ….one of 60 people who make New England New England.” because of his woodworking skills. Will is a co-founder of Heartwood School for the Homebuilding Crafts and an active member of the Timber Framers Guild.

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Will Elwell has dismantled, repaired, restored, moved, designed and built barns, houses, grist mills and outbuildings throughout western Massachusetts. From this experience he has developed a keen sense of design and appreciation for traditional architectura proportions.

Will prefers to use native materials whenever possible and always encourages his clients to use local, natural and sustainable resources. More often than not these resources are found in a client’ s neighborhood: local forest harvesters, local or portable band saw mills, and local sub contractors. Timbers for the projects are often found on the client’ s very own property where they are cut, milled and framed without ever leaving the property. Will encourages clients to participate in the building process and hopes to make every timber raising a joyful community event.


Will is a licensed and fully insured General Contractor. As such, he is familiar with local
building codes and provides services which are necessary to take a building project from
start to finish:

-Engineering and Architects
-Design and Drafting
-Supervision of Sub Contractors: Excavators, Plumbers, Electricians, Finish Carpenters, etc.